1. What is Coin&Coin Trading Advisor?

Trading advisor is a free broker with professional trading theoretical knowledge and experience. They cooperating with Coin&Coin to provide free trading assistance and guidance to our users.

2. How do I get a Trading Advisor?

For most users, once you've created account, we've assigned you a Trading Advisor. But the "Trading Advisor" feature is still in beta, we cannot guarantee that all users can able to experience the advisor feature at this time. If you don't have Trading Advisor currently, please be patient. We will make it available to all users as soon as possible.

3. How do I interact with my trading advisor?

If you already have a Trading Advisor, you can see your Trading Advisor in "My Profile".

  • By clicking on the chat icon, you can chat with a trading advisor in real-time.

  • Clicking on an advisor's avatar will take you to his/her personal page, you can view his/her posts on that page.

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