1. What is Coin&Coin?

Coin&Coin is a platform that focuses on cryptocurrency trading contracts.

Here, you can buy cryptocurrency with a variety of payment methods and trade cryptocurrency contracts. Coin&Coin has the world's first "Mini Contracts" that allow you to invest in cryptocurrencies in as low as 1 USD in 30 seconds.

2. How to start?

2.1. Learn to trade in a Demo Account

First of all, We suggest you start with the demo account. The demo account is just like the real one, the only thing which differs is that your demo account has a virtual balance.

You can click here to learn how to use demo account.

2.2. Deposit in Real Accounts

The demo account is intended for training purposes only. To trade using real money, you need to deposit funds to a real account.

At Coin&Coin, you have a variety of deposit options. You can transfer cryptocurrency to make a deposit, or you can use the legal currency to buy cryptocurrency for the deposit.

We support bank card (Visa / Mastercard) or e-wallet such as Paypal, Skrill, Neteller.

For more details, you can click here to read our deposit guide.

3. Trade and Earn

Now, you've learned the basics of how to trade with a practice account and have deposited funds in your real account. Next, you can start trading and making profits in your real account.

Here are some tips to help you improve your trading:

3.1. Get trading guidance from your Trading Advisor

Trading advisor is a free broker with professional trading theoretical knowledge and experience. They cooperating with Coin&Coin to provide free trading assistance and guidance to our users.

For most users, once you've created account, we've assigned you a trading advisor, and you can check out how to live chat with trading advisor for help here.

3.2. Read community articles for trading inspiration

In our community, there are many experienced trading advisors who post daily trading related posts with market analysis, forecasts, and trading knowledge.

You can read these posts to improve your insights and succeed.

4. Getting Help

If you have any questions about using Coin&Coin, we recommend that you first get help from the Help Center or talk to your trading advisor.

If none of these options solve your problem, you can always contact our customer service. We are happy to help.

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