1. Log in to Coin&Coin.

2. Click "Deposit".

3. Choose USDT or BTC at the list of currencies.

4. Click "Confirm".

5. Copy deposit address.

For example, in USDT, you can copy Coin&Coin's “USDT Token Deposit address” to the clipboard and paste the address in the address bar of the Token Withdrawal platform.

You can also save the Deposit QR code by using the screenshot and use the mobile client of the Token Withdrawal platform to scan the QR code and transfer it. 

6. Note:

  • Please don’t deposit any other digital assets except USDT or BTC to the above address.

  • Above address only accepts USDT deposit from the Omni Layer.

  • Minimum deposit amount: 0.0001 BTC. Any deposits less than the minimum will not be credited or refunded.

  • For BTC deposit, If you have not opened BTC wallet, we will automatically convert the BTC to the equivalent USDT according to the market price at the time of BTC arrival.

  • Depositing to the above address requires confirmations of the entire network. It will arrive after 1 confirmations.

  • You can track status in History Page.



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