1. Perpetual Contract

Coin&Coin Perpetual Contracts are leveraged contract products that bought and sold in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency. Investors can obtain the gain of currency price by buying long contracts or obtain by selling short contracts. Coin&Coin Perpetual Contract offers up to 120x leverage on some of its products.

2. Account Equity

All assets of the user in the perpetual contract account
Account equity = Available Balance + Frozen Balance + Unrealised PNL + Total Margin
Unrealized PNL: Current profit and loss from all open positions.

3. Maintenance Margin Ratio

The lowest required margin ratio for maintaining the current open positions. When the Margin Ratio drops below the Maintenance Margin Ratio, forced liquidation will be triggered. Margin Ratio ≤ 50%, it will be forced full liquidation.

3.1. When Account Equity - Total Margin ≥ 0, or Account Equity - Total Margin <0 and Unrealised PNL ≥ 0

Then the Margin Ratio = Account Equity / Total Open Position Margin

3.2. When Account Equity - Total Margin <0 and Unrealised PNL < 0


Current loss order: Margin Ratio = (This Order (including overnight) Margin + (Account Equity - Total margin) * (current loss of this order / all losses )) / Open Position Margin

Current profit order: Margin Ratio = (Order Open Position Margin + Order Overnight Margin) / Order Open Position Margin

4. Leverage

Leverage = the last price of BTC/ETH currently / Initial Position Margin

5. Available Balance

the amount of collateral deposited by the user in the contract account. At the time of settlement, the realized profit and loss will increase or decrease on the item.

6. Frozen Balance

the unavailable part from the open positions

7. Rule description

8. Mark Price

Coin&Coin's perpetual contract pricing is currently derived from equal parts Coinbase Pro, BitMEX, OKEX, Huobi and Binance. This composition is subject to change due to unprecedented exchange instability.

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