Due to the rapid development of global business, Coin&Coin platform specially recruits C2C merchants around the world to meet the needs of users.

1. How to Apply

Application can be submitted only via email. Coin&Coin will strictly screen all applications. Qualified applicants will be notified within 7 working days via email.

Email: [email protected] 

1.1. CNY Market

1.1.1. Registration time:>30 days

1.1.2. Completion of Identity Verification

1.1.3. Order completion rate ≥90%

1.1.4. Provision of 5,000 USDT in account as security deposit (Applicants must prepare 5,000 OKB in their C2C accounts as security deposit within 1 working day after receiving a email of approved application, otherwise the application will be disqualified.)

1.2. Non-CNY Markets

1.2.1 Completion of Identity Verification

1.2.2. Having Linked local bank account, mobile phone number

1.2.3. Proof of digital assets ownership/trading volume on other platformsNote: Please write “Application for Coin&Coin C2C Designate Merchant” in your email subject and provide your contact or Telegram account in the content.

2. Merchant Clearance Rules:

2.1. Order completion rate <90%

2.2. The average release time >30 minutes

2.3. Complained by more than 5 users and verified by the customer service in the past month

2.4. In case of any order dispute, refuse to cooperate with the customer service for 3 times or more

2.5. After the order is generated, maliciously modify the collection information, forge false payment vouchers, etc.; Disseminate adverse information affecting the platform and have adverse effects

Merchant that do not comply with any of the above rules will be periodically cleared.

3. Dissolution of the Designated Merchants

You can dissolve the designated merchants by email, and send an email to: [email protected], Please write “dissolution of Coin&Coin C2C Designate Merchant + Coin&Coin account number” in your email subject and provide your contact or Telegram account in the content. Customer service can be removed after verification (7 working days to complete), the identity of the designated merchants within three months after the lifting of the re-application is not allowed.

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